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It's a short hop from Bellingham into the San Juan Islands, which is a good thing since we had some strong northerly wind and choppy conditions to deal with.  We anchored off Lopez Island to hide from the wind, and had the anchorage all to ourselves (where is everybody - it's not that cold, is it?).  We had a great view of Mt. Baker in the Cascade Mountain range to the east...

mt. baker by day

...and we particularly enjoyed its many faces as the light changed.  Dawn was my favorite look.

mt. baker at dawn

The winds settled down and we were due to get a cold snap.  We had to hose the foredeck off with salt water to get rid of the thick layer of frost, and we got a laugh at the bird footprints in the frost on one of the deck boxes.  It's no fun to run around in the dinghy in the cold, so we decided to head to the marina at Friday Harbor for the two coldest nights.  It was nice - we went to the movies, visited the knitting shop (where I found yarn and a vest pattern that I couldn't resist), and walked around town.  After two days, as it was starting to warm back up to normal temps (daytime in the mid-high 40's) we ran around to the NW side of San Juan Island to visit the National Park site called English Camp. 

english camp

This is where the English military established a camp for the 12 years when the ownership of the San Juan Islands was in dispute.  The Americans had a camp on the south end of the island, and the two sides enjoyed each other's company during the political dispute known as the Pig War.  (The only fatality was a pig.)

We hiked up the mountain above English Camp, and had some fantastic views of the Olympic Mountains, the Gulf Islands, and Vancouver Island.  If you look closely, ADVENTURES is the little dark speck at anchor just to the lower left of center in this photo.

mountain view

After a long afternoon hiking and exploring the Camp, we decided to take it easy the next day so we took the dinghy around to Roche Harbor.  Roche is a "resort", though it was nice and quiet this time of the year.  We strolled around the historic buildings and the old lime kilns, and we checked out the sculpture garden - a little too abstract for our tastes.  We enjoyed a nice lunch there, and then bundled up for the dinghy ride back to the boat.

Our next stop will be nearby Orcas Island and Rosario Resort to celebrate Thanksgiving.

misty dawn

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