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We had a good pause in Port Townsend, taking care of a lot of little maintenance chores and small repairs, but it was more work than fun.  We had a wonderful visit from our friends Bonnie & Walt, and we got to see a little of the town.  We also rented a car to get Jim to the dentist for his crown prep, and we had a big shopping day to re-stock the freezer and to get some new jeans and socks and flannel sheets. 
Some of our friends put their boats away for the winter so they could head to warmer places, and we were sad to see them go.  It's hard to watch friends leave or to hear about our east coast friends migrating south for the winter... not us this year.  Our only consolation is that the winters out here are milder than the winters when we lived aboard in Annapolis.  And we'll be able to head to Alaska in April for a nice long summer season.  We're still glad we moved out here, though we occasionally get a pang of regret on chilly, dreary days.  But then we remember the orcas and eagles and whales, and we're glad we did it.
We made our escape to explore the town of Poulsbo, WA and to join a local MTOA weekend rendezvous there. 


The trees were in full fall color, and the town was just great - friendly, with nice shops (including a yarn shop and a bead store), great restaurants, and a famous bakery (which made Jim very happy). 

jim and the bakery

We met a lot of nice people at the MTOA rendezvous, and the dockmaster organized a scavenger hunt for us throughout the town, ending at a micro-brewery.  We all had a ball, and it was great to be out and about in the crisp fall weather.  We got a lot of suggestions for more places to go here in Puget Sound, and an invitation to visit Cathryn and Bob in Gig Harbor.
We hated to leave Poulsbo - it was just so nice, but we wanted to check out the Naval Undersea Museum in nearby Keyport.  Keyport has a tiny town dock with cheap dockage and free electric, though it doesn't have much else.  We absolutely loved the Navy's museum, spending 4 hours until closing time - we could have stayed longer. 

undersea museum

No one had a a dry eye reading about the heroics of some of the submarine commanders and crews.  We found out that our friend Ted, a retired Navy EOD officer, went to diving school in Keyport in 1962, and was responsible for the placement of a mine from the first Gulf War into the museum's exhibits - very cool!
Along the way, we saw some nice ducks - Barrows goldeneye, surf scoters, and these oldsquaw.  (I do love my birds.)


The temperature has dropped and the fall pattern seems to be well established.  It's often foggy and overcast in the mornings, but it can turn sunny, bright, and warm in the afternoons... or not.  We never know, so we've learned to dress in layers.  It's actually nice to be cruising in the off season, since it's quiet on the waterway except for the big ferries that are always running around.

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