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Our next stop was Prideaux Haven, which has several coves and rock crannies where boats can anchor. We chose Melanie Cove for this visit, but we'll try other spots on future visits because each has a different view. Our cove had a little babbling brook where I found a nice black oystercatcher hunting in the shallows.

black oystercatcher

It was a terrific place to kayak with so many little corners to explore and beautiful views.

kayak view

Boats were able to anchor in some improbable spots by using a stern tie - a line from the stern of the boat tied to something sturdy on shore. We bought a big reel of line in case we need to stern tie, but we haven't tried it yet. It's another Pacific NW custom we're learning about.

anchored among rocks

The evening light just before sunset was pretty so we took an after-dinner dinghy cruise to enjoy the view. The sun can seem to set quickly because of the tall mountains. 

prideaux haven sunset

Jim chose Squirrel Cove on Cortes Island as our next destination. It has a big protected anchorage with a salt water lake that floods through a narrow rapids at high tide. We had a ball playing in the rapids with our kayaks.
The outer harbor has a public dock, general store, craft store, and a little restaurant. I always like to read the bulletin boards in different places, and we saw a poster for the annual Cortes Island Music Festival the next day, which looked interesting. We checked the web site and it looked even better, though it was located on the other side of the very hilly island.
We decided to go to the music festival since we have bikes. We knew the island was very hilly, but the exercise is good for us!
It turned out that the hills were much steeper than we expected, and we walked our bikes up the worst ones. But the ride on the road through the deep forest was very beautiful. We arrived a little after the music festival was due to start and found a bunch of hippies making signs and cutting the grass... the stage was set up but it didn't look like music was going to happen anytime soon. The whole thing was a little creepy so we took a short break to rest, and got back on the hilly road for the 8 km ride/walk. An adventure!

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