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Take a look at Princess Louisa Inlet on Google Earth - it's up a series of fjords that reach deep into Canada's Coastal Mountains. Accompanied by ONE FINE DAY, we made the long 50 mile trek up to Princess Louisa - a place only accessible by boat or seaplane - and it was well worth the trip. When I say fjords, I mean mountains that are 4500-7000' tall that plunge straight down into water that is a thousand or more feet deep. 

princess reach

Just before entering Princess Louisa, you have to wiggle through the tight S-curve of Malibu Rapids (at slack current, of course). As Princess Louisa Inlet opens up you almost can't catch your breath.  Words are woefully inadequate to describe it. At the head is the biggest waterfall, Chatterbox Falls, which sits beneath a huge vertical granite cliff face. The ranger told us that mountain goats raise their kids on that cliff face in the spring.

princess louisa

You can see how tiny the boats look in the lower right, just to give you some sense of scale, though the photos don't capture the grandeur. White ribbons of falling water are all around, 60+ waterfalls when the snow melt is at its most active in the spring. We spent a glorious three nights on the park dock there, though you can stay longer and anchor in a few spots near other little waterfalls. The water is very deep so you just drop an anchor and a lot of chain close to shore and stern tie to shore. We definitely plan to return more than once!

looking down inlet

As you can imagine, there is no cell service or TV signal way up here, but it's good to savor the beauty without distractions.

While Linda and I paddled kayaks, Jim and our friend Ed went on a long hike up to the trapper's cabin high up the mountainside. Along the way they found some nice huckleberries and wild blueberries...

berry picking jim

...though they were exhausted by the very vertical scramble.

scrambling jim

Such a special place deserved a more formal touch for dinner, so we set a proper table on the park dock with our buddy boat friends. To top it all off, Linda and Ed served crepes with sauce made from the berries for dessert.

dock dinner

 We met some nice people including one couple with a 1972 wood DeFever, pictured next to us below.

two defevers

We'll return in the spring when Chatterbox Falls is roaring!

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