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South Florida is where the really big yachts hang out, and boats like ours are dinghies compared to the behemoths. 

We stopped to visit good friends in Jupiter, and were able to tie up in an empty slip - between two 120' yachts.  Another DeFever came in with us and we were able to share the slip.  As we were bringing the two boats in a crew member from the next-door yacht said "Oh, what cute little boats!"  Really?  But I guess it's all about one's perspective.

cute little boat

We had a marvelous visit with our friends, and I got a lot of time for crafts - beading, knitting, and even needle felting.  We taught a few gals how to needle felt, and we made some little Christmas trees.  It doesn't even matter what we make - it's just about spending time together.


It's always unreal cruising through south Florida - Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami with the vast forest of tall condo buildings and trendy houses and big yachts.  It's sort of like cruising through a fjord with steep sides and amazing sights, except it's all concrete and glitz.

ft. lauderdale

We passed through the heart of Ft. Lauderdale where the docks are packed with big yachts - Bahia Mar and Pier 66 Marinas seem to host some of the largest - each one is bigger than its neighbor.  The 1% seem to be doing just fine...

bahia mar

And what happens when your mega-yacht needs a tow?  TowBoat/US has this big bubba that resides halfway between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami for pushing those megas around.


It's very had to capture the pure spectacle that is south Florida in photos - yachts with huge doors in their sides that open to reveal 40 or 50' elegant launches and jet-skis and all manner of water toys.  Crew in matching uniforms perpetually polishing and buffing... it's all pretty unreal!

It was good to leave "civilization" (a dubious term!) behind us and get into Biscayne Bay, Card Sound, and the Keys (aka "South of Reality") - back to nature and the birds and fish and a less hectic pace.

Stiltsville is the beginning of the Keys kind of spirit - the remnants of some buildings built out on stilts out in Biscayne Bay in the 1920's and 30's for liquor, gambling, and fishing clubs.  Over time hurricanes took their toll on the buildings and the State clamped down on further development or reconstruction.  The few remaining buildings are now owned by the National Park Service and they remain a bit of colorful south Florida history.


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