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We've been so busy either heading south or visiting places and friends that the blog has fallen behind.  In reality we're much farther south, but we saw and did so many things along the way that it's worth sharing.

After the weather finally settled post Hurricane Sandy, we continued south into South Carolina.  The Myrtle Beach area on the ICW isn't my favorite - it's long and straight and the only scenery comes from the many golf courses along the way.  One course is pretty cool though - it has a sky car that transports the golfers and their clubs from the parking lot, across the ICW to the course on the other side.

sky cars

About 20 miles below Myrtle Beach is the mysterious Waccamaw River - a densely wooded river with cypress trees and spanish moss.  It's just gorgeous in the fall and we anchored in one of the side creeks for an afternoon so I could kayak.  I just love the Waccamaw and all the wildlife, plus the spooky feeling of the cypress trees in the water.

waccamaw cypress

I paddled my kayak up some smaller side creeks, and then into an even smaller creek deep in the woods.  Flocks of wood ducks kept getting startled and they exploded into the air to fly off to a spot farther away.  The trees were so thick I could never see them well enough to photograph them.  Besides the wood ducks, I saw turtles sunning themselves on logs - plopping into the water as soon as I came into view, and I saw the tail of a big fish - I'm not sure what kind.  It looked like he was hunting and his tail was sticking up out of the water, waving gently.  I always see interesting things in the Waccamaw, and even just the reflection of the trees on the still water is neat.

waccamaw reflection

The fall leaves were lovely, and these water lilies added a nice splash of bright color...

waccamaw flower

The Waccamaw is a favorite spot and I'm glad we took the time to explore it a bit more, but the weather was still pretty chilly and we needed to keep heading south.  We even ran the generator some days so we could turn on the heat while we were underway.

As we travel we usually see a lot of birds, and it's exciting to see bald eagles nearly every day.  Ten years ago sightings were much more unusual, so it's great to see the birds making such a comeback.


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Brad said...
Good to read your update. I wonder if it was a gar you saw. Any time anyone mentions fishes in a blog it peaks my interest. We are doing well in St. Pete. Upgrading the electronics on Small World and doing some spruce up jobs. Brightwork is actually bright now. She is looking really good now. Into the yard next month and then Lord willing we will head to Mexico in late April. I am looking forward to it but will certainly miss the Exumas next year. When do you make the big jump to the Pacific? Take care.
December 11, 2012 3:38 PM
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