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Our trip through France was a whirlwind, and we made the most of our time there.  I took a ton of photos and we visited many different kinds of places.

While on the Nivernais Canal and the Yonne River in Burgundy, we stopped in the large town of Auxerre.  Even a large town has many cathedrals!


We explored the town and enjoyed the many restaurants as well as the bakeries.  Jim loved the gorgeous pastries and dessert treats in the patisserie shop windows.  I don't know how the French stay so slim with their devotion to fabulous breads (croissants, pain au chocolat, baguettes) and pastries.  But we wore the calories away with miles of walking and exploring all the little side streets.  The town had a lot of houses built in the 15th century - so impressive that those houses still stand today.  Imagine the stories those buildings could tell!

We explored the wonderful cathedrals - some built in the 12th century.

auxerre cathedral

It's amazing to think of all the skilled workers carving each stone, the architects who designed the soaring ceilings, and the muscle to raise these heavy blocks of stone to build each cathedral.  They are magnificent.

In Auxerre we took a day trip over to Chablis to see the famous vineyards and sample some of the different grades of Chablis wine.  The Grand Cru was really good but even the lower grades of wine were lovely. 

We enjoyed the rest of our canal boat cruise through the countryside and the little towns.  I liked the forests and rolling hills, and these beech trees with big green clumps of mistletoe growing everywhere.


After two weeks we picked up a rental car and headed to the Loire Valley to see the towns and chateaus and more cathedrals.  Our first stop was Orleans - a beautiful town that celebrates Joan of Arc, and we lunched in the shadow of this cathedral.

orleans cathedral

The carvings and details inside and outside of the Orleans cathedral was just stunning, along with the stained glass windows and statues. 

inside orleans cathedral
Many of the larger windows illustrate the story of a particular martyr - grim tales of struggles for power and cruelty, all in the name of intolerance.  Lessons history seems to repeat.

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Mary said...
Robin & Jim, Your photos are absolutely wonderful - interesting scenery, fantastic color, and encouraging for us to travel in France. Have a safe trip back. Mary & Bill
October 12, 2012 6:40 PM
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