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We were lucky enough to get a chance to watch some sailing races among the rare and famous Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes (built in the mid-1800s)!  We have friends who own one of the 18 remaining traditional sailing craft - one of the biggest, 5 logs wide - and we were invited aboard the chase boat for the Flying Cloud (sail #22).  This was a real thrill!!

flying cloud close hauled

As you can see by the photo, these gorgeous sailing craft do not look like they were built from logs.  They are huge boats that carry an enormous amount of sail area, so the crew uses hiking boards to shift weight far out over the water to keep the boat from tipping over. 

flying cloud racing

To see just one of these magnificent boats is a thrill, but to see a big group of them racing is a so dramatic.  The log canoes are tippy boats, and things happen fast because of all the sail area and large amount of people needed to sail one.

The crew who handles the main sheet sits very far aft, on a hard wooden seat suspended well past the stern.

mainsheet tender

These boats can fly a kite - a triangular shaped sail very high up, as well as a staysail off the mainmast.  Unfortunately for the Flying Cloud, the staysail proved to be a bit too much for the mainmast and the wooden spar snapped.

flying cloud broken mast

This was a disaster for the racing crew since it meant that they had significantly less sail area than her competitors, and it was a shame since Flying Cloud had been doing very well in the race so far.  Fortunately, the broken part of the mast was recovered, which would hopefully speed repair later on.

In between the first and second races, the crew was able to lash some blocks to the top of the broken mast section, and rig a smaller mainsail.  These are hard-core racers!  Unfortunately during the second race, Flying Cloud's skipper realized that he didn't have enough room to turn at the mark - at the last minute, and the need to react quickly caused the Flying Cloud to tip over.  This is a very easy thing to do in a log canoe, and it happens in a flash.

flying cloud tipped over

At that point, the chase boat is very important, since the canoe has to be stripped of all boards and sails, and the two masts removed in order to right the boat.  Then she has to be bailed, vigorously to get her back afloat.  The boat and masts have to be towed back to the dock for re-assembly, since the scale of everything on these boats is quite large. 

It was a very exciting weekend, with a lot of action and wonderful people.  We saw old friends and made new ones and had a grand time.


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