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North of St. Augustine we have a favorite anchorage in the salt marsh called Pine Island.  I've always wanted to stay there and explore with my kayak - it's a great birding area.  So this time, we spent a day and I had a ball (despite temperatures in the mid-90's).  I'm always happy to see the herons and plovers and other shore birds, but one of my favorites are the roseate spoonbills.

flying spoonbills

They are not very common to see and I was hoping to get close to some.  They were flying overhead but landing well to the north of where I could paddle, but as the tide started to fall they came in to feed in the shallow water.  Lots of them! 


I also saw a lot of snowy egrets - another favorite bird because of their long, elegant feathers, black legs, and bright yellow feet.  The yellow also goes up the back of their legs like the seam of an old fashioned pair of stockings. 

snowy egret

I saw plenty of other birds - herons, white pelicans, willets, red-winged blackbirds, wood storks, and a bald eagle.  The dragon flies were the biggest I've ever seen... clinging to the tall marsh grass.


I went out just before sunset for another long paddle, exploring deeper into the marsh because of the very high tide.  The marsh seems inhospitable, but it really is a beautiful place and I'm so glad we took the time to stop and enjoy it!

pine island

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