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The blog is a bit out of date and out of touch with reality.  We are now back in the US dealing with our engine repair, and I think my reluctance to leave the Bahamas in blog form mirrors our reluctance to leave the Bahamas in real life.  But such is the way of cruising.  We are very good at going with the flow because weather, mechanical things, broken teeth, and other lumpy bits of life constantly get in the way of any attempt to make "plans". 

It takes a few days to get from the Exumas back to the US, and we had a few adventures that are worth sharing.  We headed to Nassau where we had a replacement engine part waiting for us.

nassau harbour club marina

Jim and I spent a day walking around town in the drizzle to get some lumber, screws, and bolts for the repair, and the next day Jim did some amazing engineering wizardry with the supplies and our block-and-tackle to support the 200 lb transmission, unbolt it, and slide it out of the way.  By himself.  The bad news is that the part didn't fit - our manual and reality didn't match.  We could try to figure out the right part number and wait for one to be shipped in again, but that would be a lot of cost and delay.  And the second named storm of the hurricane season had popped up already.  Heartbroken, we realized that the prudent thing would be to head back to the US to deal with it all, safer if more storms crop up, and cheaper dockage and parts accessibility. 

The trip from Nassau to the Berry Islands started out nice and smooth, but we encountered squalls in the afternoon and the sky looked bruised and angry.  As the weather turned ugly we saw some swordfish tail-walking!  Apparently they get frisky when the seas do likewise.  We dodged the worst of the squalls and anchored for the night, leaving at 0400 for the long, slow (on one engine) trip across the Great Bahama Bank to Bimini.  We planned to stay there for one last Bahamas day with our friends on SMALL WORLD.

We gathered our snorkeling gear and waited for SMALL WORLD to come by our marina and pick us up, but they had to wait because the departing mail boat ran aground in the entrance channel at low tide, and nothing could get past it.

mailboat aground

We finally escaped and snorkeled the famous Bimini Road.  This is a formation of rectangular rocks in the ocean, not far from the very deep water and the Gulf Stream.  Some have called it part of the lost city of Atlantis - who knows?

bimini road

Then we headed south to snorkel the wreck of the Sapona - a ferro-cement ship built in 1911.


We snorkeled all around the wreck, going inside and swimming through passageways - it was great fun, a last fling in the pretty water.

sapona bollards

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