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The days here in Nassau have flown by thanks to the company of good friends and the warmth of the Bahamian people.  Having a Dairy Queen right across the street is good for the soul, too.  We had a suprise two day visit from Betty and Jill on LiLi - which meant more dinner parties and a big group trip to the grocery store to stock up on local favorites and fresh veggies.  We also stumbled on the Bahamas Hand Print fabric factory and shop - and they showed us how they print the fabrics, which was interesting.  I could only afford a small placemat for our coffee table, but they had beautiful things!

hand print factory

We've been hanging out with our friend Hampton from DeFever 43 SMALL WORLD, and we've really enjoyed his company.  Since gusty winds and storm fronts have extended our stay here in Nassau, we all decided to go back over to the Atlantis Resort and pay to see the aquariums.  It was a splurge, but when in Rome...


There are multiple aquariums with a wide variety of marine life, all very well done - from the elaborate big tank with two small manta rays...

manta ray

...leopard sharks, eagle rays, and plenty of jacks and topical fish, to a lagoon with lemon sharks, huge sawfish, big tarpon, and bonefish, to another pool with golden cow rays and little week-old rays, a few sea turtles, lionfish, jellyfish... and even some fresh water tanks with alligator gar and pirahnas. 

aquarium boys

It was really fabulous, and well worth the $40 fee.  We wandered all around from 10am until 7pm, and capped off a perfect day by walking to the outermost docks in the Atlantis marina and finding another DeFever boat that we know.  CASSANDRA JADE is a Grand Alaskan 65 with friends Carol and Bob Bryan (and dachshund Sallie).  It really is a small world!  They were looking to move to a less expensive marina and we suggested ours.  They're also heading to the Exumas so all three boats will travel together to cross the Yellow Bank.  More dinner parties... another visit to Dairy Queen... talking with the warm and lovely Bahamians... haircuts... more grocery shopping, and another visit to Potter's Cay.  Everywhere we go, the Bahamians always say a warm "hello" or "good afternoon".  They are very gentle and kind and friendly and their smiles are warmer than the sunshine.  It has been an unexpected two weeks, but we certainly succeeded in "making lemonade from life's little lemons"... "with sugar", as the gal in the marina office said!

big atlantis chair

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