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Who knew a dental emergency could turn into a great adventure?

We are getting ready to (finally) leave Nassau after two weeks of dental visits and now waiting for the wind to settle down.  Tomorrow we head back to the Exumas where we can get back to snorkeling, diving, hiking, and kayaking.  We've had a series of strong fronts come through since early April which is unusual for the springtime.  Hopefully the trend will go back to normal soon and we'll have nice settled weather.  In the meantime we have had a ball here in Nassau, thanks to a series of friends who have passed through or are still here with us. 
We arrived two weeks ago, back-tracking from the Exuma Park because Jim broke a tooth.  We were feeling a little gloomy at the prospect of sitting at a dock in town and dealing with dental work, but we decided to mix a little exploring with some chores and make the best of the time.  The second day we were having lunch overlooking the harbor when we saw friends on FINALLY FUN come into the dock.  They were delayed a few days waiting for weather to cross back to the US, so we had a great time together touring and walking around.  We visited Potter's Cay where the various mail boats come to load and unload from their runs to the different out-islands, and we bought some produce from the market stalls there.

boy in market
There was an interesting array of fruits, vegetables, and peppers, some things we couldn't readily identify,
market peppers
as well as land crabs and dried conch in this interesting (but malodorous) arrangement.
 dried conch
We went over to Atlantis Resort another day just to see how the other half lives.  The marina charges $7/foot which is a staggering price, especially when you consider that most of the yachts were around 150' long!  Some even bigger.  Oh, and power and water are extra.  We wanted to see some of the aquariums and more of the resort, but you have to pay $40 a person to get into the lobby or aquariums or any cafes or restaurants.  We've heard their aquariums are amazing, but we decided to just wander around the casino where we could see the Chihuly art glass and the marina village where we could watch the behemoths pack into the basin.
 atlantis yachts
The next day another DeFever boat with friends arrived in our marina - SMALL WORLD, so we expanded our planned dinner party to include the whole gang! 
 defever dinner party
It was a terrific evening and a farewell for FINALLY FUN heading back to Florida, and for two of the three fellows aboard SMALL WORLD who were flying back to Florida.  Oh, and the next morning Jim was having his root canal - what fun!  Stay tuned for more adventures from Nassau...

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