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Our last day in Marathon was highlighted by a marvelous Easter party hosted by the marina.  They had a big breakfast buffet set up, and while we feasted the staff hid hundreds of plastic easter eggs and several special golden eggs.  They gave us fancy baskets and it was hysterical watching all the adults scamper and run around picking up eggs.  The eggs were stuffed with candy and the special ones won prizes.  Just wonderful!

easter egg jim

The next day we had a nice crossing to Bimini in the Bahamas along with friends on LILI (Betty and Jill) and HARBOUR REACH (Bill and Mary).  We cleared customs and headed over to N. Bimini for a nice dinner to celebrate.

bimini celebration

We were going to make the long trip across the Great Bahama Bank to the Berry Islands, but one engine was running a bit hot so we stayed an extra day in Bimini to replace the thermostat.  Lucky for us the Univ. of Miami Shark Lab happened to be offering a tour, and that was just great.  They're doing very interesting work with the local lemon shark population, as well as many other types of sharks.

shark lab

We fixed the engine and had a glassy crossing of the Bank to the southern Berry Islands, and left again the next morning headed for the Exuma island chain.  Jim had fun playing with his new video camera, putting it down near the water while we were underway.

video on the bank

We made a short stop in Nassau to top off our fuel tanks - diesel was $5.28/gallon, and we needed 189 gallons to top up.  Nassau was a flurry of activity, with four cruise ships in port plus many mega yachts and people on spring break.

We anchored off Highborne Cay in the Exumas, but some unexpected weather moved in and we had a bouncy night.  The closest shelter from the west winds was in the channel on the south side of Norman's Cay, so we joined a number of other boats (some we know - small world) and stayed two nights while the winds blew.  The sky got ugly for a bit, but it never got bad, thank goodness.

stormy normans

I managed a nice long paddle in the kayak, and Jim went snorkeling with friends on the DC-3 airplane wreck, left over from the island's days as a drug lord's haven. 

The winds are clocking around and we need some good protection from the NE, so we'll head down to Warderick Wells Cay - the Exuma Park headquarters.  We'll have good protection, plus nice snorkeling spots and plenty of hiking trails.

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