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We have been hard at work these past weeks trying to accomplish as many to-do's as we can while we're tied to a dock, but today is the day to leave and start the next adventure.  We're heading to the Bahamas and we'll be over there for about three months, exploring some farther-flung places and more remote areas. 

Just getting ready to be on our own for three months is a big job, and since we can't count on finding grocery stores in many places (or finding what we might need in the few that we'll encounter) we have to bring everything with us.  We have a second freezer and a vacuum packer, so we spent a day up out of the Keys shopping at Costco, Wal-Mart, etc.  Here's a photo of just some of the mess - it took us seven loads in a dock cart to empty the car.


And it took many days to organize, repackage, inventory, and stow all these supplies and food!

We have had another really good season here on the dock, and we'll miss our many friends.  One of the hardest things about being a cruiser is that we're always saying "good-bye" to people... though we prefer "we'll see you when we see you". 

We've been getting together with various people who have arrived in the harbor or are leaving, and the terrific $5 lunch at the Hurricane has been a popular spot for these little reunions.... right next to the dive shop with the giant angelfish. 

angelfish and friends

And no farewell to Marathon would be complete without one last stop at Jim's favorite new place: Sweet Savannah's - home of the killer cupcakes and ice cream treats. 

jim at his favorite shop

And it wasn't hard to convince a few friends to meet us up there last night...

sweet savannahs

The weather is beautiful and the winds have finally calmed down.  It looks like we'll have good conditions for our crossing, and for the two additional days needed to get over to the Exuma chain of islands.  We'll relax there for a few days and then head south east to our farthest point... then slowly work our way back up the out-islands.

I will really miss certain people (and dogs) in Marathon though.  You know who you are.

2 Comment(s):
Craig said...
Hi, enjoy reading your blog. I am presently looking around at trawlers and the defever it one that has got my interest. In reading your specs on your Defever you put the range at between 1600 and 3000 nm. Is this what you would expect out of a full tank of 800 gal or do you carry extra fuel to be able to do the 3000 nm range. If you have time I would appreciate hearing from you and any other comment you may have for someone looking at used 49 defevers. Kind regards Craig Lyons
June 2, 2012 4:25 PM
Paula said...
Safe journey, I miss you and Jim so much. On a sad note we had to put M&M down in Feb. he was 16 and started have many health issues and it wasn't fair to him to keep him struggling with a good quality of life. He was a great pup, and loved dearly. We are taking the boat next weekend if weather permits to HHN for spring haul out, will do all the cleaning, etc that needs to be done. Keep in touch. luv u.
April 6, 2012 8:42 PM
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