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We had such a great visit to the NYC area.  We spent a lovely day with my brother, his wife, and their dogs, and we took some time to play tourist in the City and see some friends. 

Even though I grew up across the river from NYC, I had never been to the top of the Empire State Building... it was one of those things I always wanted to do.  We didn't care that the cost was silly and the lines are usually horribly long - we were going!  We ended up getting there later in the day than we intended, but who would have guessed that the line would be very short and painless at 7pm on a Friday night?  The views were magical...

empire state nw view

nyc empire 2

It was a perfect evening - not too windy, comfortable temperature, and it was fun and romantic to be up there looking at lights in every direction as far as we could see.  I also love the art deco style, and that building just oozes it.  Fabulous!

Of course it started to rain about 1/2 hour after we came back down to earth, and we weren't really dressed for it.  We caught the ferry back to Staten Island, but had trouble finding the right place to get off the bus on a dark, rainy night.  It took a bit of trial and error while we walked up and down a few streets before we found the harbor in the pouring rain.  After that, we had no trouble remembering to bring our GPS!  It just made the evening more of an adventure.

The trip to the City is fun - the ride on the Staten Island Ferry is worth taking just for the views of the harbor.  I can see a lot more when I'm not concentrating on driving the boat!

 ferry and lady liberty

Another day we met up with friends who showed us the High Line park/walking path on an old elevated railroad - it's very artsy and interesting with lots of natural landscaping.  And it was great to see Roger and John and finally go into the City together.

high line guys

They also took us to the little-known Conservancy Gardens uptown, above the Guggenheim.  This was a hidden gem - one of the many oases in NYC.  Nothing was blooming at this time of the year, but it was lovely regardless.

garden pond

We decided to see a play on Broadway, and got pretty reasonable same-day tickets for Jersey Boys - the story of Frankie Valli.  We had a great time - dinner at a little Thai place, the show, and walking through Times Square at night.  Even on a weeknight there was no end to the colorful characters we saw, including the famous Naked Cowboy. 

I tend to prefer quiet nature places more than cities, but New York has so much to offer and it's so different - we had a blast while we waited for a weather window to continue south.

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