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We rented a car and drove from Halifax to the Bay of Fundy side to experience the massive tidal change first-hand.  The last time we visited Nova Scotia we took a day trip to raft the tidal bore and we had such a great time we wanted to do it again.

The tidal bore is where the incoming tide actually creates a series of standing waves where it meets and eventually pushes back the outflowing Shubenacadie River, at the far NE end of the Bay of Fundy.  The tidal change is about 33' and it all happens in a very short time.

tidal bore before

The river looks like watery chocolate milk, and we were warned that we would get soaked with this iron-laden water.  The rain suits are just to help keep us warm in the wind.  We got to stop and walk around on one of the huge sandbars in the middle of the river before the water came...


...but we kept a close watch on the rising tide since it covered this bar literally in minutes.  I had to run to make it back to the boat, and those last few feet were a fight against the building current! 

Here is the actual tidal bore - this time the tide was bigger and we could really see the leading wave of the incoming tide - just amazing.


I shot these photos with my underwater camera which was clipped to my life jacket for safety.  Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of the huge waves that built up - they were so big (10' tall or bigger) that I couldn't risk holding onto the boat with only one hand so I had to stow the camera and make sure I had a good grip when the waves were the most dramatic.  I was sitting in the very front of the boat to enjoy crashing into the huge waves, but my hands and arms were really tired from holding on so tight!

wild waves

The whole point of the trip is to enjoy repeatedly crashing into the huge standing waves - like white water rafting but without fear of rocks.  Because the waves were so large, our skilled driver made sure to flood the boat with a smaller wave to add weight so we wouldn't get flipped over when climbing up the side of the bigger waves.  These are tough, large inflatable boats that are self-draining.  But if you look closely, you'll see that the water in the boat is up to our knees... we had to make sure we didn't float off!  It was a grand time and I'd do it again if I get the chance.

flooded boat


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