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We spent two weeks dealing with things in the NJ area.  While there we focused on some difficult tasks, but we did take one night off to go into NYC via the Staten Island Ferry to see a Broadway show with our cruising buddies Pat and Chuck.

staten is ferry ny skyline

We walked around Times Square a bit, found a wonderful NY deli for dinner, and saw Million Dollar Quartet - about Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash.  It was a good distraction for us.

times square

We finally wrapped things up enough to head out, and unfortunately we had a very strong ebbing current against us all the way through NY harbor and up the East River.  But going slow gave us more time to sightsee along the way.

williamsburg bridge

New York is such a dramatic city, and it's always a thrill to cruise past it, through Hell Gate, past City Island, and out into Long Island Sound. 

Our first stop was Port Washington on Long Island, where we walked the town and explored a bit.  This is the first time I've ever seen a vending machine that sells fishing bait.  (You can not make this stuff up...)

bait vending machine

bait close-up

The highlight was meeting my childhood friend Kathy and her husband Chris for dinner.  It was absolutely fabulous to see them and to catch up on our lives... and recount a few stories from when we were little kids.  Now we're just big ones.

happy reunion

It has been a long journey from our last big stop in the Potomac River on the Chesapeake to Long Island, NY.  This shows our path, with a line to our next stops in Huntington and Sag Harbor indicated.

potomac to li map

Here's a closer view of the NYC area and Long Island all the way out to Cape Cod on the far right of the map.  After some more stops on Long Island, we're heading to Block Island, then up to the tip of Cape Cod.

long island map

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