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We've been busy making miles down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), unable to go outside in the ocean because of the high winds and big waves.  It has been a very nice trip so far, and the days have been clear and sunny, though the temperatures have been cool.  Once the sun is up the pilothouse gets nice and warm, and we've gotten to our anchorages by 3 or 4pm - a civilized time.

We've been treated to some beautiful sunrises and sunsets in our quiet anchorages, away from the hustle and bustle - so I'll share a few of those. 


You may not realize it, but our trip south includes a lot of miles westward!  In Georgia we are actually west of Pittsburgh.  Our daily reminders come in the form of the glaring afternoon sun in our eyes and the shifting times of daylight at sunrise and sunset.  There is no better way to appreciate geography than to experience it at a snail's pace!

Although most of our days have been quiet, we had the happy chance to hear a fellow DeFever on the radio one day - SEA BISCUIT - and we tied up to the same dock that evening to catch up and visit a bit.

Our typical days include bald eagle sightings, dolphins playing in our bow wave, wading birds in the marshes, and ever-changing scenery.  It really has been a delightful trip!

Cruising through picturesque Charleston harbor we passed close by the Spirit of South Carolina under full sail.  Our machinist friend makes all the replica and signal cannons for this ship.

spirit of south carolina

Along the way we have repeatedly encountered the AMERICAN STAR - a small cruise ship that takes tours through the ICW.  She is about 200' long, 50' wide, and draws 6.5'.  Watching out for the various shoaling areas, hazards, narrow bridges, and dealing with the increased boat traffic with the southern migration is challenging enough for us, but we can't imagine how much more difficult it is for a ship of that size!  Impressive.

american star

 We've been leaving fairly early in the mornings, and the reward is often a stunning sunrise.


This anchorage was just shy of the SC-GA border and the ocean has settled down, so we will go out the Savannah River and run offshore for the length of Georgia.  This will give us some extra time to spend at Cumberland Island National Seashore - our next adventure. 

Savannah is a major shipping port, and this is one of several big bubbas we passed on our way out.

big ship


2 Comment(s):
Heidi said...
Great photos, love the anchorage at sunrise. and the American Star saw her many times! Happy Thanksgiving! Love H
November 20, 2010 7:52 AM
Summer Wind said...
Fantastic photos!!! Have a great thanksgiving! Hugs to you both!
November 19, 2010 8:47 PM
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