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After our grand Iguana Adventure, we stopped at Black Point Settlement - one of the rare little towns.  We had heard about the famous coconut bread from Lorraine's, and we heard that we might be able to get haircuts from the lady at the Rockside Laudramat (sic).  The town at the north end of Great Guana Cay is very small, and it doesn't take long to hit the highlights.  We stopped at Lorraine's Cafe and Internet to order some coconut and raisin bread from her lovely mother, and we got a bit of very slow internet time there too. 


The coconut bread is wonderful - it makes the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

One of the sights we were told to see is the "Garden of Eden" - Mr. Willie Rolle's yard which is full of various pieces of driftwood.  You knock on his door and he or his wife will come out and give you a tour - showing you the things that he sees in his carefully arranged driftwood.  It seems a bit strange at first, but if you let your inner child loose it's fun to see what you can find in the driftwood.  Willie also showed us some of the local flowers and unusual fruit trees - the sapodilla was our favorite to taste, and the wine tamarind wasn't too tart if it's ripe enough.  A smile, some appreciative words, and a small donation compensate Willie for the generous time he spent on the tour.


Walking around town we could see wooden boats under construction - sailing boats for the famous family races around parts of the Bahamas.  The boats carry an enormous amount of sail area, and they use long boards to move human weight outboard to balance the boat, similar to a Chesapeake Bay log canoe.  The work is traditional, using wooden "knees" found where trees form right angles naturally to create strong structural framing.

boat building

We headed back up to Staniel to start our journey northwards, and met up with some DeFever friends for cocktails on the beach.  It really is a small world.
Northbound, we spent two nights at Cambridge Cay, back in the Exuma Land & Sea Park.  Jim, Dan, and Carol were swarmed with sergeant majors when we jumped in to snorkel "the Aquarium" (a beautiful spot).

sergeant majors and friends

We also did a great drift snorkel on a large reef - there's so much life where the current is strong.  We just hang the bow and stern lines from the dinghy into the water, jump in, and let the current carry us (and our dink) over the reef.  We saw sea turtles, some big nurse sharks, and all the usual pretty reef fish.  On another spot I found a large queen triggerfish that seemed more like a pet - it let me get close and kept hanging around - they're normally quite shy.


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