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The core of the Exuma Land & Sea Park at Warderick Wells Cay has three mooring fields to mimimize damage to the sea grasses and corals from anchoring.  We were in the north field near the Park office, which is a natural deep channel in the shape of a "J" with a huge sandbar (awash at low tide) in the middle.

north mooring field

We snorkeled on a few gorgeous spots around Warderick Wells, making friends with a 3.5' barracuda who followed me like a puppy all around the reef.  He was very cute, relaxed, and curious.

pet barracuda

Much of the Bahamas are vast sandy plains which is the reason for the incredible water colors we see.  Reefs are typically very small patches, but they are fairly healthy with good fish populations, big gorgoinians and yellor or purple sea fans.

queen angel
We had to stay put for a few days to wait for strong winds to pass, so we did some hiking around the island when it was too rough to snorkel.  The trails can be challenging on the jagged limestone or near the beach on soft sand, with lots of ups and downs. 

 warderick hiking

We also participated in an old cruiser's tradition by making a sign out of driftwood with our boat's name on it, and placing it on top of Boo Boo Hill.  Jim did the carving with his dremel tool and I painted the carved letters - a team effort.

Jim and sign

We installed our sign (lower left) among the hundreds of others stacked haphazardly around the hill top - it's the only place you can leave something behind in the Park.  You can even see ADVENTURES on her mooring in the center background.

boo boo hill

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Steve said...
Love your photos. Looks like you are having a wonderful trip. We are taking good notes as we hope to follow your footsteps sometime next year. Fair skies!
May 21, 2010 8:48 AM
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