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We're living on the "hook" (at anchor), but it's a bit different in these more remote places.  We have a watermaker that we can use to convert clean sea water to drinkable water, otherwise we'd have to buy water since islanders have to make their fresh water supply - nothing is free and there aren't any natural water supplies out here.  We carry plenty, but we try to be mindful. 

Trash is another thing we can't take for granted.  We have to pay to bring bags of trash ashore (where there is a settlement), and the islanders usually burn most trash. We sort our trash into recyclables and that which can be burned, and we're careful to rinse out containers and separate food scraps so the trash doesn't get stinky - we have to live with it a lot longer!  Food scraps are collected in a container kept in the refrigerator or freezer, and dumped (legally) overboard in deep water during passages.  Never dump food scraps in an anchorage - the fish (sharks and barracuda) learn that boats mean food, and that's not a good thing.

 highbourne sharks

These big nurse sharks hang out just below a fish cleaning station at Highbourne Marina - we dinghied in there to check it out, and these guys were hard to miss!

We don't have our cell phones any more (they're disabled until we return to the US in early July), so we have to rely on satellite phone ($1.29/minute - for keeping in touch with our Dads and emergencies only), SSB radio, and marine VHF radio.  We can still receive Sirius satellite radio and DirecTV feeds, though we can't get any weather info that's relevant for us.  For that, we use a Weather FAX, and weather reports from the SSB.

It's just a different routine, but one we've settled into nicely.  We run the generator for about two hours every morning to charge batteries and either make water or use water (run the washing machine).  Then we head off in our dinghies to explore and find snorkeling spots, or to the beach to go hiking if there are some trails. 

 shroud sunset

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