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After returning from our circuitous (ship, planes, and automobiles) trip, we scrambled to deal with all the provisions (seven dock cart loads) - repackaging, inventorying, and freezing things into two-person portions.  We also had a little bit of work to wrap up from our winter projects, and we had to double-check everything in the engine room to make sure nothing was dislodged or broken when Jim was crawling around dragging electrical cables, jammed in tight spaces.  Weather was also a problem, as the pattern of strong easterly winds continued unabated.  It was a race to see if we could get everything finished in time to catch a "weather window" - a break that would allow us to leave the Keys and head up to Key Biscayne to meet up with our buddy boat - Dan and Carol aboard LUCKY STARS.
In addition to our boat projects this winter, we also had the builder construct the sea wall at our house on Big Pine.  It was finally completed a week before we left, and we were able to make arrangements for two big palm trees to be planted on the canal-side of the yard, as well as the final grading and pea rock all around the house - which pretty much completes our house projects.  We're still waiting for the builder to paint the trim around the front windows.

big pine house

Weather conspired to keep us and many other cruisers stuck in the Keys around April 10th, but we made use of the delay since we were in town for the big air show at Key West Naval Air Station.  It was a huge event, with a large number of current and older military aircraft on static display, plus a wide variety of action to watch: an enormous C-17 cargo plane showing its capabilities, the Army's parachute team...


...older Navy aircraft...

corsair and friends

...a wing walker...

wing walker F16...


...and the Blue Angels!

blue angel 6
We had a front-row seat right along the tarmac and runway, and it was amazing to see the take offs and landings as well as the aerial stunts.  It was the best air show I've ever seen, and it was especially fun to watch Jim - he absolutely LOVES airplanes, and it  brought him back to his days in the Air National Guard.

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