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Posted By Robin & Jim

I apologize that the blog is hopelessly out of date, but we have been busy and the pile of photographs to choose from keeps growing out of control.

When we returned from France we had 2 weeks to take care of all our various annual medical and dental checkups, and to see Jim's brother and sister and my brother.  It was a whirlwind.

Right before we left to head south we drove up to NJ to visit my brother Bob and his wife Susan. We happened to get there when they had an appointment at a hands-on winemaking place - it was time to press the crushed grapes for their latest vintage. We were joined by Susan's brother and his wife and daughter - too much fun. The whole weekend visit was wonderful, and meant a lot. Our visits with Jim's brother Richard and Carol, and his sister Margaret, Rene, and their family were also really fun. Here is winemaking in New Jersey... (my brother is the tall one and Susan is 2nd from the left)


We were somewhat sad to leave Baltimore - it has always been a great place to stop.  It has a lot of character, great restaurants, convenient shops, and good friends nearby. I enjoyed kayaking around the harbor and walking along the promenade by the waterfront. I even saw Olympic champion Michael Phelps go jogging by me one morning. 

baltimore crab

We had to run two long days to get south before the winds cranked up, and our reward was arriving in Kilmarnock, VA in time for Suzie and Bill's fabulous Oktoberfest party. We always have a great time with them and we also got to catch up with several other old friends while we were in the area - known as the Northern Neck of Virginia. The highlight is always playing with my dog friend Darby. She came down to see if I would play just as we were backing the boat away from the dock. It broke my heart!


We headed down to Norfolk & Portsmouth, VA and decided to spend two nights in Portsmouth since the town has lovely shops and nice streets for strolling. We also love the beautifully restored Commodore Theater and we were lucky to catch the movie "Argo" - which was terrific. Cruising through Norfolk is always a huge thrill - with so many Navy ships ready at their docks, as well as a number in drydock or some state of upgrade.

navy ships

With tugboats and commercial ships and even a large cruise ship, it's a busy harbor with lots to see. We thank all our military heroes for their commitment and service.

At this point Hurricane Sandy was threatening and we decided to press on to Morehead City, NC where we felt we would be well protected from the big storm. We ran a few long days, but it was worth it. We tucked into a good marina just in time, and at Sandy's worst we had 40-50 knot winds - not a problem. Luckily our friends and family in the NY/NJ area made it through without too much damage, but our hearts go out to those who were not so lucky. We spent a great week "stuck" in Morehead with boating friends and some of our local friends.