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Posted By Robin & Jim

We've left Baltimore and are starting to head south for the winter.  It's time to shift gears after a difficult few months and try to get back to "normal" (whatever that is).  It feels good to be underway on the boat again, with a different rhythm to daily life.  We've learned a great deal about friends and family these past few months, and have gained a new appreciation for what it means to need a friend, and what it means to be a friend. 
There are so many interesting things out here on the Chesapeake.  We passed close by Power Squadron friends who were taking their trawler to Annapolis for lunch, we saw the elegant PRIDE OF BALTIMORE leaving Solomons, we passed the Navy's hospital ship COMFORT, and we had Navy jets roaring overhead.  Exciting!

pride of baltimore

It was pretty windy Thursday and we had a lumpy ride down to the Northern Neck of Virginia, where we'll stop and visit some friends over the weekend.  ("Lumpy" means that the cabinets and refrigerator have to be latched closed, and we have to be careful when we open them.)  The nip of fall is in the air and the trees are starting to turn - this is my favorite season, but the nights have been getting a bit cool and we're encouraged to keep moving south.  It was 43 when we got up yesterday morning - we need to get SOUTH!

The morning mist reminds me of a song... "smoke on the water..."

smoke on the water

It's fun to talk to the local folks here on the Northern Neck of VA, and to learn more about the culture of boat building and fishing.  This is a "pound net" or fish trap in Antipoison Creek, and we also see menhaden boats (and jumping fish) in the area here.

pound net

The odd name of the creek comes from the story that Captain John Smith was healed by the mud from this creek after being stung by a stingray.