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Posted By Robin & Jim

I have a few more photos of things we saw in the Broughtons, so I'll just share them as "post cards".  These are dedicated to our several friends who are struggling with health problems - nature's best pales in comparison to the beauty of friendship.

sointula forest

forest mushrooms


steller's jay
Steller's Jay



Posted By Robin & Jim

We continued our quest to see bears, so we headed into Viner Sound where people reported seeing lots of bears every day. The little bay is about 2 miles long, narrowing to a dead end with a tidal flat and a meadow with a creek running through it. There are two tiny coves before the flats, and we tucked into the northern one up against a huge cliff face pictured below. If you look in the lower left corner, you will see ADVENTURES looking very small. What a gorgeous spot!

viner sound

I found bear tracks in the mud at low tide, and people told us we'd definitely see bears right from the anchorage at low tide when the beach is exposed... but after two days, no joy. On the other hand, it was a marvelous place to explore by kayak, and we paddled as far as we could go on the little creek, through the meadow and into the woods. Sandpipers were flocking in the meadow, and we saw baby halibut in the shallows.


We also wanted to visit a few of the tiny floathouse marinas in the Broughtons so we could learn more about the area and meet some other cruising boaters. There are just a handful of these places, with floating docks as well as buildings all constructed on top of log floats.

floathouse logs

These places are very basic, often with no power on the docks, but they are warm and welcoming and they are a great place to meet other boaters at nightly appy hours or pot luck dinners. We met a lot of nice people and collected more recommendations for places to visit. The biggest of these marinas, Pierre's, had a nice fish cleaning station where there was always a lot of activity.

salmon fillets

Salmon had to be over 24.5" long to be legal, and most were much bigger than that.  Crabbing and prawning are also popular pastimes, and small fishing boats and dinghies were always buzzing in and out, checking traps or bringing in fish. 
The last of the little marinas we visited was Lagoon Cove, with some nice hiking trails and a funky sense of humor. They had a totem pole made from old outboards and other junk (artfully done), as well as an "exercise circuit" with a station for pushing a manual lawn mower and one for splitting wood.

jim at lagoon cove

On one of our hikes we came across some blackberry bushes that were just full of big fat ripe berries, so we came back later with a container to fill. We kept an eye out for bears since there was fresh bear scat nearby, but nothing bothered us and I really enjoyed those berries with breakfast!
We really loved our time in the Broughtons, but it's time to start working our way south.

broughton kayaker sunset