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Posted By Robin & Jim

We crossed back to the States after a wonderful nine weeks cruising around some of the many islands of the Bahamas with our buddy boat friends Dan and Carol.  We traveled 712 nautical miles since leaving Key Biscayne, FL back in late April, and returning to Ft. Pierce, FL on Monday.  Now we're back in the world of cell phones and super-highways and well-stocked stores of every kind, and it's pretty weird.  For the last two months our dinghy has been our only "car", except for one fun day in Eleuthera when we rented a stretch golf cart.

This sign on a grocery store in Hope Town says a lot about life in the islands, though it's a reflection of the how supplies arrive as well as a relaxed attitude.  Everything comes in by mail boat or small plane from Nassau, and everything comes to Nassau by boat or ship. 

grocery hours

It's just different.  We were well-provisioned so the only thing we needed now and then was some lettuce and tomatoes - nothing we couldn't live without.

Our favorite part of the trip was the time we spent in the Exumas - they are more remote and quiet and unspoiled.  The snorkeling was wonderful in the crystal blue water - here are a few more underwater photos:

The little moray eel peeking out from a hole in some star coral...

starry moray

The tiny inch-long Pederson cleaner shrimp that live in corkscrew anemones and waggle at you if you put your hand near them.  If you're patient, they will come out and "clean" your fingers...

pedersons cleaner shrimp

The most amazing thing underwater is that wherever there's any kind of structure - a rock or a hole - life will quickly establish itself, and start to flourish.

fish scenic

We loved our "iguana adventure" with the folks from Shedd Aquarium, the dive sites thanks to the CORAL REEF captain John, picnic lunches on the beach, exploring in the dinghy... it was all great.  One of my personal highlights was kayaking around the creeks on Shroud Cay.

shroud kayak

Thanks to everyone who gave us advice, assistance, suggestions, smiles, or waves, and to the people we met along the way.