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Posted By Robin & Jim

We were on our way to visit my Dad in New Jersey.  He hasn't been in good health and he was struggling, but we didn't expect to get the call this afternoon that he passed away.  He's at peace now, and he's with Mom again but we will miss him terribly.  He always had a twinkle in his eye and he was always laughing and making things fun.  He was a wonderful Dad for me as a child and as an adult, and few people are as lucky to have had parents like mine. 

Dad and me

Posted By Robin & Jim

We're taking another pause here at Olverson's Marina in Callao, VA - on the Northern Neck of VA off the mouth of the Potomac River.  Our new generator exhaust elbow is being fabricated and our buddy boat's gen parts are being repaired.  It's a great opportunity to tackle more of the endless to-do's while we wait for the parts.

The Northern Neck is rural farm country with rolling hills and endless creeks and rivers that open to the Chesapeake.  It's quiet and very pretty, but nothing is close by.

lodge creek
Olverson's isn't a fancy place, but it's friendly and warm.  Locals gather at Liar's Corner on nice evenings to relax and chat in the rocking chairs.

liars corner

This is our old friend and host, Freddie Olverson.  You'd be hard-pressed to meet someone more helpful, kind, and thoughtful.  Thanks for the hospitality Fred!


When we left Annapolis 4 years ago I didn't have anywhere to store my old 1976 Sunfish sailboat, so I sold her to friends who live near Olverson's.  They invited me to come and sail her, and eventually we all decided that I should buy her back. It was somewhat emotional for me to have my old friend back, and I relived some of my childhood sailing around the creeks like I used to on Kemah Lake in NJ.  She'll stay at Freddie's for the summer and we'll take her to Florida when we're southbound in the fall.  After 35 years she's still in great shape and most everything is original - even the sail.


 We're working on projects every day, but we've enjoyed evenings spent with Pat & Chuck, Karen & Jeff, and some of the locals.  We've also been able to visit a few friends who live or weekend in the area.  The pace has been pretty hectic and we're ready to cruise again... but we have to wait for the generator parts and there's so much we can accomplish when we're tied to a dock.

The dogs around the marina are always a welcome diversion, especially my little buddy Bernie...


And my old friends Dylan & Dyna.  I love to get tail wags, and I smile every time I find some dog hair on my boat.  I smile a lot! 

loyal labs

If you have to work and wait, this sure is a nice place to be.

spooky moon